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Last Sunday, Sept 13, our team at Pandosy Dental Village joined together for a great cause. Humans, dogs, and a few brave cats walking to raise money for the BCSPCA. We are a group of animal lovers and together we raised and donated $975. Thanks to everyone who donated!


Have you ever been embarrassed by your breath? People offering you a piece of gum or a mint frequently? Then what you may be suffering from is known as Halitosis and it can wipe the smile right off of your face. Halitosis when bad enough can literally clear out a room!
Not only am I a Registered Holistic Nutritionist but I am also a Certified Dental Assistant with over 18 years of experience. I have given loads of advice when it comes to bad breath. So I thought I would share, unfortunately I smell this problem where ever I go. Yup, I have a great nose!

Halitosis can be caused by poor oral hygiene, but it can have other factors that may be involved. The most obvious ones, gum disease, tooth decay, throat or sinus infection, but there are many more reasons why Halitosis shows its ugly head.  Improper diet, constipation, smoking, indigestion, diabetes, liver malfunction, inactive stomach (poor protein digestion), heavy metal buildup in the body, unfriendly bacteria in the colon and stress. The mouth is an area of the body that reveals all kinds of underlying issues, it is a window to the inner body. So take note of your breath.

Here are a few suggestions to make bad breath a thing of the past.

1. Go for regular dental cleanings and checks.

2.  Chronic bad breath is no joke, you may have an underlying health problem, consult your health care provider for a thorough check up.

3.  Eat lots of raw foods (50% of your food intake should be raw every day) this supplies fibre, vitamins, minerals and enzymes assisting with digestion, absorption and elimination. Raw foods are important for detox.

4. Beer, coffee, wine and whiskey leave residues that stick to plaque on teeth and tongue. Once in the digestive system and with each exhalation odor is released. You and the people around you get to revisit your drink all over again! Foods like salami, some spices, some cheeses, tuna and garlic are all oily and leave a coating in the mouth, lingering sometimes for over twenty-four hours. No matter how much you brush, floss and swish they will defeat you.

5. Brush your teeth and tongue after every meal. Be sure to brush your tongue from back to front. Tongue scrapers are available, but a good old spoon turned upside down (with the concave side) against your tongue will do the trick.
6. Replace your toothbrush every month, plus after any infectious illness, to prevent bacteria buildup.

7. Eat chlorophyll containing foods (dark leafy greens). Use chlorophyll containing natural mouth rinses. You can make your own!

8. Be sure to floss, or use dental toothpicks to clean between teeth.

9. Try to avoid using commercial mouthwashes regularly. While they kill bacteria that causes bad breath, they usually contain nothing more than alcohol, dye and flavoring. Bad bacteria will return with greater force, plus you will also wipe out your friendly bacteria.

10. Chewing a wee sprig of parsley after meals is an excellent natural way to treat bad breath.

Do you know that chlorophyll is the natural ingredient in most popular breath mints?  However, consuming it in whole foods is much more gentle for your digestion and way more effective.
I have so many more recommendations for Halitosis I could go on and on. If you are suffering from bad breath, the first thing, is to be checked by your Dentist and your Health Care Provider, this is a must. If you still have concerns contact me, Sheree at Ceres Nutrition I can help.